Fabularium transcripts?

While playing a .gblorb game on Fabularium for Android with transcripting on, everything seemed fine; but after checking, the transcript didn’t have my commands, just the responses (and the >). Has anyone noticed that before? Is it known? (Is the developer still around? I could try a bug report on github, but…)

And is there another glulx terp on android? I couldnt see any…


There’s Twisty (you have to download the version from GitHub for Glulx support, apparently). It hasn’t been updated since a long time, though.

(I don’t have an answer for the main question.)


I can confirm the lack of commands in transcripts in Fabularium.

Unfortunately most of the interactive fiction interpreters on Android don’t seem to have updated in a few years. There’s Text Fiction (also not updated for a few years), but it doesn’t do glulx.

There’s ‘incant’, which I don’t think is in the Google Play store or F-Droid, but has apks on GitHub: GitHub - WakeRealityDev/incant: Incant is an experimental interface to a Glulx interpreter and a Z-Machine interpreter for Android

I recall playing with it but deciding Fabularium was better (I don’t remember the reasons now).

Another possibility is installing glulxe in Termux. [In brief, install Termux from F-Droid or Google Play, open Termux, type pkg install glulxe and then glulxe <path/filename of the .gblorg>.]


Thanks! I’ll check out termux! It can create files in the regular Android filesystem, right? (It’s not a VM with its own filesystem that would make it hard to extract the transcript?)

Yes, it can create files in the regular Android filesystem (it piggy-backs on the Linux kernel of the Android OS), [though of course you have to deal with the normal app file sandboxing of Android]. I just tried out running glulxe with a transcript via Termux and it saved out a .txt file with all of the user commands as expected.

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So, I realize that this issue with fabularium is not only mine.
I will follow your recomendations.