Extensions in Windows version

I have a question I’ve always wondered about. (well, maybe not always)

Let’s say I download an extension to add to Inform 7 and I save the extension to say, C:\downloads\foobar.i7x. Now I launch Inform and do the “Install Extension” function and navigate to that directory and select it.

My question is, does Inform remember the location of that file, or does it copy that extension to an appropriate working directory in Inform? I’ve always wondered if it was safe to delete the files I download or if Inform is looking for them.

Inform 7 copies the files, creating a folder for the author if one doesn’t exist. In short, the downloaded file can be safely deleted.


No problem! Just curious, which OS do you use? In Windows, Inform 7 places extensions in the My Documents/Inform/Extensions/[author] folder. Any installed extension that is not built-in will be found there.

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Sometimes I run the Gnome version in Ubuntu through Virtualbox and sync my game files over, because I like the colored text in the gnome IDE.