Extension installation help?

So anyways, I’ve been using Inform for a few weeks now and I’ve decided to check out a few extensions. When I try to download them however, all they do is appear as text in my browser. Please help!

The easiest way is to use the new Public Library. In the Inform IDE, open the Extensions page and click on the Public Library tab. There you have download buttons that download and install the extension automatically.

If the extension is not in the Public Library you can choose File -> Save page as… from the browser’s menu when you have the extension open in the browser. Then go to Inform, select File -> Install extension… from Inform’s menu and choose the extension you just downloaded. Just remember that extensions downloaded from the inform7.com web site may not work in the latest version of Inform.

Got the extensions installed via public library just like you said :slight_smile: . I’m a bit confused about the second paragraph though, where exactly is the File button in my internet browser? If you mean the File button in the Tools tab, I tried that but it all it does is save the web page as some sort of html file, which can’t run in Inform.

If you go to an extension’s web page like this: inform7.com/extensions/Emily%20S … index.html the first link should download the extension. If the download doesn’t start automatically, it’ll show the extension’s contents in the browser when you should do that save page as thing.

If you’re looking at a page that looks like this: inform7.com/extensions/Emily%20S … rce_0.html it’s not the extension itself, only (a part of) its source code presented as a web page. If you do the save page as thing there it’ll save the web page, not the extension.

Finally got it to work, thanks! By the way, is there an extension that’s updated and similar to “Armed by David Ratliff”?