Extension Beta-Testers Wanted

I am looking to line up some beta-testers for a set of debugging extensions. Given my current pace, the plan is to release the files to testers in two batches: one before the new year, and another in mid-January.

The first batch includes framework extensions that make it easier to write debugging tools, as well as two examples of how the framework can be useful. It would help if testers could:

  • Include the framework in their own stories and check that the stories still behave properly on an in-IDE play-through
  • Report back on how useful the example tools were in debugging a work-in-progress
  • Comment on the documentation
  • (for the enthusiastic) Build a debugging tool with the framework, and report back on the experience.

The second batch of extensions constitutes a more powerful debugging tool; it would be good if testers could:

  • Again, include the extensions in the own stories and verify the absence of unfortunate side-effects
  • Use the extensions to hunt down real bugs, and report on the experience
  • Comment on the documentation.

Let me know by private message if you are interested in helping out. Thanks!