Experimental Glulxe debugger

As I mentioned in a blog post last night, I’ve been on-and-off working on a low-level debugger module for the Glulxe interpreter.

It doesn’t do a lot and it’s currently only accessible with CheapGlk. See below for a sample transcript.

This is not yet released; the code exists in branches in my CheapGlk and Glulxe repositories. See:

github.com/erkyrath/cheapglk/bl … gi_debug.h
github.com/erkyrath/glulxe/blob … debugger.c

If you want to implement the debug interface for another Glk library, go for it. I am currently (slowly) putting it into RemGlk. I don’t expect the gi_debug.h interface to change, but don’t consider it absolutely finalized either.

This is an I6-level debugger. It makes use of the “gameinfo.dbg” file, which is automatically generated in an I7 build (unless you’ve turned off that option in the Windows IDE). It will not be very useful to an I7 author, unless you’re comfortable diving down into the I6 layer of your game code.