Excel Text Adventure Builder

I ran across this link and thought it was an interesting concept. But I don’t have Excel on my machine and haven’t tried it.

hackshackalpha.wordpress.com/ex … e-builder/

Hey hey, that’s pretty neat! More of a curiosity, I guess, but then again, very interesting for people who want to put off programming for as long as they can.

Reminds me of the way The Quill worked. Is history repeating?

I so want to use this. I’m curious how difficult it would be to play a game for someone who didn’t have Excel - would a game run in the free Excel viewer app?

If this had some kind of macro that would spit out inform code, it would be phenomenal.

That reminds me of the thing creator:


which I thought was neat. I don’t think it’s updated for the latest Inform though.

Yeah, I loved the concept of the thing creator. If anything, it reminds one of all the responses that can be written.

Random thought: I wonder if there’s some clever way to automatically parse objects in existing IF (in large quantities) into something like the Thing Creator, listing non-default responses and properties, then feed that into a character-based recurrent neural network to have it generate new ideas based on them? I recall an RNN trained on Magic cards having significant success a while ago.

You went a bit over my head, but would Juhana’s Object Response Test extension be in any way helpful at all?..

Later I’ll try to run it with LibreOffice Calc; I’m not optimist, but worth a compatibility testing.

I would think as long as it didn’t try to write data to itself…