Example story files that have custom alphabets?

Hey folks,

New here and I am working on implementing my own ZMachine interpreter. I have copies of my infocom story files from the Activision collections many years ago. None of them have custom alphabets. Are there any good examples of story files that have custom alphabets for testing?


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The standard notes

The German translation of ‘Zork I’ uses an alphabet table to make accented letters (from the standard extra characters set) efficient in dictionary words. In Version 6, ‘Shogun’ also uses an alphabet table.

You can get those storyfiles here: The Obsessively Complete Infocom Catalog

Any other non-English Z-Code games on IFDB probably also use custom alphabet tables.

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Awesome, that was just what I was looking for. And the catalog also has z1 and z2 files which will help me test those. Not sure how I missed that note in the standard. Thanks for the quick reply!