Examine current room?

I’m back with another newbie question… how do I refer to the current room (i.e., where the player currently is) in Inform-speak? I want to write a custom message that appears when the command is “x [current room]”, but haven’t been able to figure out how.

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You can just refer to “the location”. For other characters you can say “the location of John” or whatever, but “the location” by itself is always where the player is.


Hmm, it still isn’t working for me. I have:

Instead of examining the location:
	say "You are here."

But I’m still getting the default text for when the examined noun isn’t present.

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I found some code from @otistdog at one point, but not sure where:

After deciding the scope of the player while examining (this is the place the room in scope while looking rule): [limits applicability to when parsing examining action]
	place the location in scope, but not its contents. [everything else should already be in scope if applicable]

Does the player mean doing anything to the location: [still prioritizes examination of things vs rooms]
	it is unlikely.

Instead of examining a room:
	try looking instead.

(notes are his)

I should say that looking at the location is very ‘culture’ dependent. Whenever I have beta testers that are used to Adventuron, they always try to examine the location; whenever I have beta testers that are used to Inform, they never try to examine the room name.


Ah, ninja’d. I just typed up the same thing as Otis.

IF you’re going that route, you might want to deal with “examine room”, too. I had that come up in testing. I just made a backdrop.

EDIT: this is better.

locality is a scenery backdrop.
locality is everywhere.
understand "room" as the locality.
does the player mean doing something to the locality:
	it is unlikely.

Before doing anything to the locality:
	now the noun is the location;
	continue the action.
since I have Borogove open already...

Thanks all! Will try implementing this tomorrow.

(Edit: never mind, I tried it tonight and it works! Thanks!)


That kind of backdrop is a good solution to this problem and many others. Though in the particular case of ‘room’ as in where you’re standing at the time, you can get away with just doing this:

Understand "room" as a room.

That, atop of Otis’s code, means you can type ‘X ROOM’ and it’ll print the room description. It also means you can mix typing ‘room’ in with other bits of room names and the game will remain happy.



Oops, sorry, I misread what you were asking – fortunately better help was quick to come!


Heh, yeah I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that. Thanks!

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Probably at Overly elaborate looking - #2 by otistdog.