Escape From Terra - Mike Gerwat

I have posted a review and some transcripts here:

I know that IFComp often provides authors with transcripts of games, and my habit of taking frustrations out on the parser has gotten me in trouble before. So I would like to apologize for my use of “motherf***er” (I am never sure what the language rating on these boards is, and err on the side of playing it safe). “Suck it, you obtuse son of a **" was also probably inappropriate. "Motherfer are you ing sing me” might have been a bridge too far. However, I make no apologies for the "what the actual ****"s. No, none of the instances of them.

In short, I consider the above review a bit generous.

(Also, the .txt walkthroughs are broken. Self-insert fic is only occasionally good. The implementation is a hot mess-- where did that come from? How do I use that? There may or may not be a door to my cabin? Ugh…)

I mean, come on. There wasn’t even a basic editing run-through. It needed a basic editing run-through. I could see the requirement to “follow signal” instead of just going west being a neat puzzle based on us (Mike path) being blind/mostly deaf (which I only picked up on around when we got to the cabin), if there were any error message beyond “you need to get a signal first” (after having already “picked up a signal”). I mean, the underlying story seems like it could be interesting. It’s just hard to tell behind all the typos and parser frustration. This really needed to be playtested by someone who didn’t write it. I can’t imagine that it was.

And in unintentional humor: