Escape from Norwood Demo on Steam - You can now give it a try

I just released the Demo for the desktop version of Escape from Norwood on Steam.

The game is an illustrated text adventure set in a vivid open world where everyone has an agenda.

You can play the Demo and wishlist the full game here:

It was published on iOS and Android earlier this year and we had very interesting discussions about southern London on this very forum. Yet this desktop version is an opportunity to add screenreader support and improve the ergonomics for other players.

The game is in direct line of the first adventure games, but it doesn’t have a parser. It draws heavily on point & clicks ergonomics but proposes limited, contextual verbs. It offers open-world freedom but contains an adaptative three-levels hint systems that will give you the right level of help.

Most importantly, it’s narrative-heavy and tells a story of self-discovery and exploration, and how to influence history from the sidelines.

The world itself is hard-fantasy, magic being more a commodity around which the society reorganized itself. And like some commodities in our world, there will be interesting questions raised when it start running out (but this is for later projects). As for social order, the game world does not know any of our blends of discriminations, replacing all of them by an organization based on the order of birth.

That being said, I’d be glad to hear your feedbacks on the game and hope you enjoy it. More information can also be found on the game’s website:


Hello everyone,

The game was released on Steam and today! You can still try it through the demo if you’re cautious about how you spend those $5.99.

Also, someone wrote a nice review of the game :slight_smile: : Escape from Norwood review - a fantastic text adventure - Voxel Smash

All the links are here:

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