Entirely new online text game needs design feedback!

Diverging from the parser question here, I noticed in the design notes an emphasis on making things easier for the player to read, and especially on adding more things to read (like detailed dynamic room descriptions).

I’m wondering if this is a good idea. In theory I like the idea of a more immersive text environment. In practice though as a player I would prefer an environment that created immersion through interaction, rather than consumption if that makes sense. Sure it’s great if your room description has a day/night cycle and changes with the weather. But if this doesn’t affect my character and their actions it doesn’t go very far IMO.

Not to say cosmetics aren’t important. But if you consider that someone playing a real-time game will quickly experience all your dynamic descriptions have to offer (unless you’re constantly writing them, or your procedural engine is crazy good), wouldn’t effort be better spent in interactive systems?

I think you should seriously consider ditching 100% hand-written descriptions with dynamic substitutions in favor of a blend of some choice hand-written strings with mostly procedural dynamic text as in God Wars 2. An example:

This is fully dynamic based on the player’s form, equipment, and the current weather and time. Your equipment gets wet in the rain, etcetera.