Enjoy a simpler ifMUD experience with this tintin++ script

I have posted a tintin++ script to simplify connecting to and interacting with ifMUD: https://gist.github.com/1692854. To use it, just chmod u+x tt-ifmud and execute the file from a terminal.

Script features:

  • Highlights dis/connects, exit directions, and start of item/player/exit list.
  • Highlights AFK and new message announcements.
  • Simplifies going AFK: just afk msg or away msg, and it will @away and zone you.
  • Defines the standard i and inv abbreviations for inventory.

Why tintin++? Process of elimination!

  • tinyfugue’s website had no useful information and was even more outdated than tintin++'s.
  • Savitar was shareware, and it’s looking long in the tooth these days.
  • The Atlantis interface was awkward, and I had trouble wrangling it’s flexible but underdocumented scripting interface to do what I want.
  • tintin++'s interface is simple enough that you can figure out how to do pretty much what you want by brute force.

Getting tintin++:

  • Mac OS X: brew install tintin (Fink and MacPorts users, you’re on your own.)
  • Other platforms: Likewise on your own.

I hope this saves some other ifMUD newbie some time. Those of you who haven’t checked out ifMUD, check it out!