EnigMarch 2022, and How The Little Match Girl Met the Queen of Vampires

I didn’t participate in EnigMarch 2022 at the time, but I had so much fun with the 2023 edition that I got @malacostraca to email me the prompts one day at a time throughout the month of July to recreate the experience. In this rather roundabout manner I made a new set of puzzles, some of which are pretty good. In particular I think “Round 4” turned out really nice.

BUT ALSO, for the prompt of “Spell,” I made a text adventure called How the Little Match Girl Met the Queen of Vampires. It’s a very short game, with highly artificial puzzles. But it also has lots of cool characters and jokes, and it adds a bunch of vital lore to the Little Match Girl mythos and answers some important questions. Such as: How did the little match girl meet the Queen of Vampires?