English dictionary search

I’m toying with the idea of an English dictionary search that could determine if a word typed by a player is an English word or not. The dictionary would be part of the game file.

Have any games tackled this problem already?

I assume the best approach would be to create a hash table and either compile it with the game, or load it from a file. Maybe I6 code is necessary? Is this feasible? Any advice appreciated.

One of the Vorple extension examples does a Wikipedia lookup. See “The Sum of Human Knowledge”


I’m presuming I can come up with the dictionary list I want, and the hash table. I’m mostly wondering how to include (or load) and search a big hash table. Maybe other projects have used hash tables for other purposes?

Counterfeit Monkey uses something similar to a hash table to speed up the object name manipulations. It’s a fairly simple one, but it does show how writing hash functions in Inform can be unreasonably difficult.