endless nameless quest stuck in tavern

I am playing Nameless quest. I am stuck in the tavern and I can’t figure out how to distract the bouncers and the taverngoers after I am a dart master and drink till they carry me out and/or fall asleep

This is sub-board for game development. Might have wanted to ask that viewforum.php?f=22 (perhaps an admin/mod can move the thread?).

Can’t provide hints myself, sorry, though I suppose if no one answers on this specific situation only you could look for a walkthrough through Google.

You’re almost there.

You don’t want to get TOO drunk… just drunk enough.

You want to create circumstances where people are so glad to see you go, they won’t frisk you while you’re leaving.

If my memory serves me, there’s an action that you can’t do until you’re drunk enough. It involves making a spectacle of yourself.

DANCE ON TABLE, I think is the command. If not, it’ll be something similar. Maybe there are other commands, other actions, I don’t know about.

Thanks! I assumed I couldn’t. I feel silly not trying harder now.

I just need a walkthrough of the whole game. I’ve figured out the tavern thing but every time I do the cottage thing with the sorceress I cast the levitation spell just fine but then I go on and my double says that I need more spells to cast like melerta for the minotaur and stuff like that.

I don’t think anyone’s ever put together a walkthrough for it.

Although another thread on this board has a ton of hints for endless, nameless.