Ending a scene

Hi, I’ve written a short scene, but have two problems. I’ve put the first word of each so that it can be seen more easily. The scene is:

A scene can be dramatic.

Exec’s Report is a dramatic scene.

The Exec’s report begins when play begins.

When Exec’s Report begins: Exec’s conversation starts in 0 turns from now.

INSTEAD of leaving flight deck during Exec’s report: say “You need to hear the Exec’s report before leaving.”

At the time when Exec’s conversation starts: try quizzing Exec about readiness; try listing suggested topics.

Exec is a female in the Flight Deck. The description of the Exec is “The Exec is an experienced Plutonian officer who has a good reputation. She has served with you on several missions.”

Understand “Executive Officer” or “EO/eo” as the Exec.

readiness is a familiar thing. After quizzing the Exec about readiness: say “The Exec says ‘We are almost ready for our mission. The supplies are loaded, and the cargo for Phoenix 3.’ her expression becomes more serious. ‘However, we have a problem’ [ADD PROBLEM ASK SUGGESTION]”.

The problem is held by the Exec. After quizzing the Exec about the problem: say “[REMOVE PROBLEM ASK SUGGESTION]The problem is that the navigating officer has been taken ill, and is unable to plot our course to Phoenix 3 until an antibiotic has been found and administered and he is up and about again The doctor is in the sick bay, he will explain what he needs you to do. In addition, the chief engineer has a dilemma . [ADD DILEMMA ASK SUGGESTION]”.

The dilemma is held by the Exec. After quizzing the Exec about dilemma: say “[REMOVE DILEMMA ASK SUGGESTION]The chief engineer is waiting for you in the engine room to show you the details of his dilemma.”

Now Exec is in command chair.

IF Exec is in command chair:
now Exec’s report is ended;
say "Take the conn EO. "

The Instead line should work, but doesn’t, and it stops the compiler.

The If lines at the end should work too, I think, but it doesn’t compile. I’ve tried other versions of this second problem, which do compile, but when I run it the scene works but doesn’t end. It won’t let me leave the room.

If anyone can help I would be grateful. Thank you.


The problem is that “leaving” isn’t the internal name of the action. (Inform is picky about this.) The standard action to go from one room to another is called “going”, and can be modified further with prepositions like “from”, “to”, “with”, etc.

Instead of going from the Flight Deck during the Exec's Report:

Hi Draconis. Thank you for your reply. I’m always surprised at the difference a tiny change can make. Maybe one day I will remember them! Thank you again. Mike