End game after three turns of being in field...

Every turn when the turn count is greater than 3 and we have not entered the tent after entering field say: say "There was a horrible storm that night. Flashes of lightning were everywhere and the rain was falling so hard that you fell into a muddy sink hole and died."; end the game in death.
So the code work but see before this the player wonders around in a forest then a marsh AND THEN in the field where I use this code but it starts counting the turns when I start the game so the player magicaly dies without warning in the forest when if it they were in the field in would say that a storm was comimg and to fing shelter quickly. So how do I make the code only work went the player enters the field?

One way is to set a counter that ends the game three turns after the player goes to the field – see section 9.11 of the built-in docs.

You could also pull this off pretty easily with scenes; they’re covered in Chapter 10 of the documentation.

Personally, though, I’m not sure this puzzle is a good idea, even with the warning; it’s easy, in a timed sequence, to trap the player in an unwinnable situation that won’t be covered by a one-turn undo. I’d suggest making the timer on this fairly generous, so the player has plenty of time to get to where they need to go.

I don’t quite understand what your saying Healy? Can you give me an example?

A suggestion: instead of saying “you fall into a muddy sinkhole and die,” I think it would read better if you said something along the lines of “you fall into a muddy sinkhole. You struggle but the mud is too thick - your head goes under and you quickly suffocate.” It sounds less immediate, explains how the muddy sinkhole killed you, and helps with the visualization. The way you phrased it would be more appropriate if the cause of death were something like a gunshot or impalement, although even then, I would spend a little more time elaborating.
I would also recommend writing the bit about the lightning and rain in a separate sentence.