Emily Short's Basic Help Menu refuses to be Amended

I have tried to replace the line

"Introduction to [story title]"	a table-name	"This is a simple demonstration [story genre] game."	a rule


"Introduction to [story title]" a table-name "[story title] came to me... I'll be watching." a rule *text removed to prevent spoilers

The compiler told me that " a row in the amendment table matched no equivalent row of the original, which makes the amendments impossible to carry through."

I copied the row from the extension. It should have matched.

Can anyone tell me what went wrong?

The answer is in the Manual section 15:19 (on table amendments):

So, annoyingly, you can’t amend a table where the leftmost column contains text or topics …

But you can change the entry at startup:

When play begins: choose row 1 from the Table of Basic Help Options; now the description entry is "[story title] came to me... I'll be watching.".