[Emily Short] Mailbag: Pedagogical Uses of IF in the Classroom

Interactive fiction has a long history of classroom use at most levels (a little bit of elementary-level use, but then more in middle school, high school, and university teaching). Several researchers have built syllabus materials that make extensive use of IF; have published about IF-related pedagogy; or have given talks and workshops about how to teach using interactive fiction. At NarraScope, for instance, there were some workshops on this topic as well as a panel on IF and education.

I haven’t done much hands-on work with this myself, but here are some links that may be useful in this area. […]


I’m developing interactive fiction for the purpose of teaching science.

Some examples on my website:

General school biology

Physiology (undergraduate)

Pharmacology (undergraduate)


Mark’s take on Romeo and Juliet is hilarious IMHO! Definitely worth a look.