Embedding Twine into Moodle

Good morning,
I am hoping to embed a TWINE scenario into my Moodle course. I can easily grab the .html file and put it as a URL or File link, but then it opens a new window. Normally with embed files you have an index.html file or a zip file that you point to that html file and it will open up within the course.

Wondering if anyone has tried this or not. If it is even possible
We are using Moodle: 3.11.6 in case that helps

It’s a bit of a 90’s solution, but I suppose Moodle will allow you to use iframes, or at least it should exist some plugin allowing that.

Using the TWINE index url as the iframe src would make it playable from there… ¬.¬

Hmm, so iif my TWINE html file was called “TestingCDCourse.html”, would I just go to Moodle and add activity called “iframe” and then locate my Twine html file. or is there something more I would have to do. Thanks for the quick reply by the way.

I did manage just not to add a Resource “File” Type in Moodle and it does show inside, just not sure if I can format the height of the File window as it has a long scroll bar.

An iframe is a “silly” square in which you can embed any “external” web content.

You can add in an iframe a youtube video, an amazon page, or … a Twine game that is published in some other place.

Here you have a Video,in spanish, but don’t worry because its not necesary to understand what she talks, but just to see what she clicks, that tells you how to insert iframe content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGf47ehXH98

First you need to add an “Activity”, selecting the type “Page”, and there, in the “Description” of that page, select the button with the arrow down to show you all the buttons in the tool bar. This will show then the HTML button, with an icon similar to “<>”.

With it you can write HTML on the description.

That html is not the twine file you have, but the URL of that twine game (as it could be a video, as Isaid).

The Html code to put there could be someting lilke:

<iframe src="http://ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/competition2017/Harmonia/index.html" ></iframe>

I’m not an expert on Moodle nor Twine, but hope this helps : )

Okay thanks for this, I will give this a try :slight_smile: