Embedding my Twine story into my website

I want to imbed my Twine story into a website, so that players can land on my website and play the game on the website itself (without having to click a link and be taken elsewhere to play the game). I want to have other content on my site as well as my Twine game, so sites like itch.io aren’t what I’m looking for.

What do people recommend for creating a website that will allow me to embed my Twine story into the site? I know there is an Embed Twine plug-in for Wordpress. Has anyone used this before? Does it work well?

You should rather choose based on other requirements of the website, embedding the game is just a matter of uploading the game file and adding <iframe src="path/to/story.html"> HTML where you want to place it. Almost everything should let you do that unless it’s something that has very strict limitations for content formatting. Installing Wordpress just for the embed is overkill, of course it helps creating and maintaining the other content as well.

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