Embed project in a Wordpress webpage

Hey, y’all!

I was just wondering is I could somehow embed my projects directly into a page on a Wordpress site.

If any of you know how I could do this, I’m thankful for your help!

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I think the general consensus has been to use an iframe.

Yeah… I happen to be a total n00b. I have no idea what an iframe is, how to use one, or any of that jazz :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry!!

Ah, I got Advanced iFrame as a wp plugin, but I’m not sure what link to use, seeing as the “play” file’s url isn’t working with the iFrame

My html file is in the site’s media and I have a link to use, but it just loads the “home page” link and the “quixe” link.


How would I go about mounting my IF like you did with Getting to Work? Yours seemed very seamless.

Hmmm… Well. First, I don’t use Wordpress. In my experience, it’s too much overhead and full of kludges and bugs. My website is a blazeblogger site. It’s basically a blog that is built by a command line program. Static and made to look dynamic.

I just uploaded the released file from Inform 7. I use some modified interpreter and page templates though to give it a look and feel I enjoy.

Release along with a "Phillipdark" website.
Release along with a "Quixedark" interpreter.
Release along with cover art.

Relevant links:

I’ve attached my two templates, but I don’t guarantee they’ll work anywhere other than on my own site… They are untested outside of my own stuff.
phillips-templates.tar.gz (155 KB)

Alrighty! Thanks for all of your help, I’ll fiddle with it. You the man, once again! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it to work!! Albeit after three hours and five albums of work tracks.

Where in your Phillipdark file would I be able to edit the font color of the actual game? I’ve found header/footer jazz, but I can’t seem to find the values for the game’s fonts.

That’s in the Quixedark interpreter.

If you’re looking for a more black text on white version, then the default Quixe interpreter and the normal “Release with Website” might work better for you.

Release along with a "OneColumn" website.
Release along with a "Quixe" interpreter.
Release along with cover art.