Elsegar I: Arrival ---A fantasy story about a stranded scientist--- Play Testers wanted

I’m looking for play testers for my upcoming. The synopses is “After experimenting on a strange object, you are transported to a strange new world. Now you must find a way to get back home.” Please tell me what you would like to be called and credits, tell me any grammar errors, if there is moon logic here, and so on. If you get stuck, you can ask me for hints. Thank you for your time!

Elsegar1.z8 (381 KB)

Discoverability is always a pain point in IF, if you describe your game in a few words, more testers/players will try it!

Grammar/interactions which I expected

>x paper
You see nothing special about the a peice of paper.

>write number
That's not a verb I recognize.

>take radio
Placeholder Message

x sky
You can’t see any such thing.

  • I have no idea what to do after you played with the radio;
  • I have no idea that there is a door until you write s (exit is not recognised);
  • I realised I fell throuygh the roof only when I checked the hole.

I am stuck now.

I forgot to to put the sky backdrop back in. maybe try getting of the mattress. get crowbar.
hit door with crowbar.

hit door
Violence isn’t the answer to this one.

>hit door with crowbar
You hit the cabin door with the crowbar, and it springs opens.

Not good.

But you aren't in anything at the moment.

Maybe I am spoiled by the high level of IF productions I have played, but this is frustrating. More grammar errors:

It's dosn't apper
You're in a small feild.

I did enjoy very much the in medias res beginning and the backstory being narrated bit by bit instead of a plot dump.

More bugs:

  • the radio seems to work inside the mines.

  • What is a «grue»? A big bird? Are you francophone by any chance?

    You’re in a small feild.

    There are paths leading north, east, south, west.

Here is where I stop playing.
The game has potential but needs more love and polish!

Have you played Zork? The “Grue” is a reference to that. I’ll change it so the radio plays static in the mines. I’ll fix the grammar errors.

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I have not, and I really should!

Where does that “It Does not appear” Message coming from?

x cube


Update Elsegar1.z8 (381 KB)

Updated to fix bugs that prevented you from completingElsegar1.z8 (381 KB) the game it self.


I have not played your game (yet). However.l, i would like to point out that designing a game is gouverned by 3 different kind if puzzles:

  1. The ones that explain how to use a specific skill
  2. Those that can be solved with a single skill
  3. Those that can be solved by combining multiple skills.

It is the mixture that makes or breaks a great game.

Updated and now has a few Easter eggs :wink: Elsegar1.z8 (386.5 KB)


Switch to glulx. Grocery Store has been overhauled. Elsegar.ulx (697.3 KB)


More updates. Elsegar.ulx (704.5 KB)

Updates! Elsegar.ulx (711.5 KB)

Updates! Now with art, music, and scores! Elsegar I- Arrival.gblorb (858.0 KB)

Update Elsegar.ulx (719 KB)

Elsegar.ulx (719.5 KB)

Elsegar.ulx (719.8 KB)