ELO 2021 Call for Works and Talks (Feb 1 deadline)

The Electronic Literature Organization has a call out for its 2021 conference, including two exhibitions. ELO is a very welcoming community of digital authors who work on interactive fiction, poetry, and other forms. A number of folks from the IF community attend that conference. Consider submitting one of your works or an artist talk or a talk on other aspects of making interactive fiction, from programming languages and IDEs to choice structures.


Here are the two exhibits.
Platforming Utopias (and Platformed Dystopias): This will be the largest open submission exhibition, responding to the conference theme. MAY 24-28 2021. Submissions accepted until February 1st, 2021

Kid E-Lit: An online exhibition of electronic literature for young audiences, and work work by young authors. Curated by Mark Marino and Maria Goicoechea. MAY 24-28, 2021. Submissions accepted until February 1st, 2021.

Consider submitting something! It’s all online this year, so no travel funds nec. Hope to see you there.

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