(either:) macro doesn't seem to be working?

Twine Version: 2 (I think)
Story Format: Harlowe

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to using Twine, so I’m not really sure if this is just something I’ve coded wrong or what, but the (either:) macro doesn’t seem to be working right when I play-test my game.
I’m trying to write something that sends you to one of 4 random passages. I followed the format that the Harlowe handbook gave as an example, and came up with this:

(go-to: (either: “place a”, “place b”, “place c”, “place d”))

The thing is, when I play through it, the passage only ever sends me to place a, the first option. I have no idea if it’s a problem with how I wrote the expression, or if it’s a glitch, or if that’s just how it works when you play-test something and it’ll be fixed when I finish the game, or if something completely different is going on. I’d really appreciate any help!

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Assuming your original code looks like the following, then that code worked correctly when I tested it using a Harlowe 3.x based project.

(go-to: (either: "place a", "place b", "place c", "place d"))