Either function not evaluating

I’m using Sugarcube 2, so I’m using the documentation here for reference:

I’m trying to use the “either” function to show varying text pulled from a list. The Twine markup seems to think <<either("word1","word2","word3")>> is valid syntax, but it doesn’t work as a macro; I get a “macro does not exist” type error when I try to run the story.

The documentation describes it as just a function, with this as an example:
either("Blueberry", "Cherry", "Pecan")

But I can’t just insert it like that, because it doesn’t evaluate it; it just displays it as-is in the text. How do I use the either function? Why doesn’t the documentation give an actual example of it in text?

That’s because either() is a Javascript function, not a macro. In order to print its output, you need to use the <<print>> macro:

<<print either("word1","word2","word3")>>

Thanks. I still think there should be better examples in the documentation for it. For instance, the turns() function has this example:
<<print "This is turn #" + turns()>>
That’s actually usable as-is.

Which makes sense as either() is listed in the Functions section of the documentation, and not in the Macros section.