Educational Twine Game

Hi all,

I wanted to share with everyone a Twine game that my friend and I have been working on for the past two years. (still plenty of typos and little bugs but it mostly works!). The game is the Hajj Trail and is meant to be an educational tool ala Oregon Trail but for introducing people to the history of the 17th century Islamic World. I myself am a recent phd grad and history professor and basically took my research on the hajj and put it into this project. We have it on a website now and me and several friends are already using it in classrooms. We even had a journalist reach out, who wrote a feature on it for this month’s [economist](Gaming the haj, from the comfort of home | The Economist -) and while in the interview we talked a lot about twine, the cut that part for space in the story. It is still an ongoing project and we are actually hoping this will be a demo of sorts as we pitch it to funders and indie game devs to try to make it more professional looking in the coming year. However, we have been wanting to share it on this board for awhile but it always felt intimidating to do so since from lurking here i have seen the great work people do.

Hope you all enjoy and just know we will hopefully be getting to bug and typo fixing someday soon.