Editor Line Wrapping

Thanks in advance, and perhaps I’ve missed this somewhere, but is there a way to turn off line wrapping in the editor? In the “Adventuron - Theming” video I viewed, it appeared to be off when importing a user font. When I import a font, many, many lines of code are added that take forever to scroll past. I searched through the guide and this forum to no avail. I apologize if it’s been right beneath my nose.

Thanks again.

I figured it out. The Firefox right-click menu was blocking Adventuron’s. After hitting "escape’ it became visible again.

If you use one of the inbuilt fonts, you don’t get the many, many lines of code, as they’re included in the runtime engine in your compiled code.

If you import a font, it is included in the source code file as base64 encoded content. It is customary to put the assets block at the end of your file because of this, so you don’t have to scroll past it all the time.

If you use a Google font, this is loaded at run time, so you don’t need those base64 encoded lines of code. This is described in section 1.52 of the cookbook. This is your best option for custom fonts.

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Ah, thank you for the helpful pointers :). The tutorial I was following included the importing of custom fonts and that’s how I ended up noticing, or not noticing, the word wrap feature.

Thanks again…

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