Editing Usernames

This is probably a rather hackneyed question, but how can a member change usernames??


Click on your avatar on the upper right, then the gear from the drop down.


You can fill in or change your display “name” which shows before your username if you fill that in.

You may be able to change your actual site username with the pencil-edit icon next to it, though that might be an admin function you don’t see. If you don’t get the edit button for your username and just adding a different name in along with the username doesn’t work for your purposes, PM me and I’ll change it for you.


I do not have the Edit pencil icon in my profile–I really want to change from IFaddicted to Epic IFer. Can this be done?

Thank you so much!

You can’t have a space in the username you log in with.

Do you want to be Epic_IFer or EpicIFer as you’ve set your display name?


EpicIFer would be great. Thanks!

Done. Remember you’ll need to log in with your new name after you log out.

Also, your automatic avatar is now a purple E by default. You can also change that in your profile to a picture if you like.

Thanks, Hanon!

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