#ECTOCOMP2020 warming up!

So, prepare the stakes and silver bullets. Ectocomp 2020 is here…

Still warming up. I think the “official” date to announce this and go nuts is October 1, but you can start joining in, spreading the word, and even start programming your games.

This year motivational text is not ready, I’m still deciding for a Dracula tribute one, or just another cave-crawl idea I have in the back of my mind… Anyway, if someone wants to step in and provide a blurb text and/or image banner, just get in touch with me. Ectocomp always has benefited from community work, so Thanks in advance!

We have (for we, I mean I) added some clarifications and new rules just to strengthen the philosophy of the competition, and keep it safe from some abuses.

We have just written down that your game must be original, not previously published, that you can’t update your game, less for game-breaking bugs; and that your game should not be offensive.

That is. Let’s have a rad time!


Have you seen my suggestion in Clawfoot bathtub?

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Ok. But, Ectocomp is not a everyday jam, with keywords as themes. So, sorry, no official clawfoot bathtub from our side :slight_smile:

But, feel free to promote the idea of adding topics, themes and clichés to the competition. It would be nice to have some community fueled memes inside the comp :wink:

I don’t know how we can… promote that withing the boundaries of the comp… maybe something a la the “ribbons” of Spring Thing, or something.

Maybe you people ca suggest funny tropes to add, in the community section of the comp.

So, now we have a tuit, so you can help to spread the word

ECTOCOMP doesn’t have an official network profile, and that one is for Textualiza, dedicated to Spanish IF, so if you want you can help spread the word doing your own broadcasting on your IF friendly networks.



Looking forward to playing the games again, and I’m hoping to actually get an entry in this year.

I know there are official discords, but I’ve got a new one set up for a Halloween jam being run on the Choice of Games forum. I’m going to be encouraging Ectocomp involvement as well, at least playing and voting if anyone is unsure about making another game in that timeframe. (That four hour category is always so tempting though…)

It will be active until at least the end of November if a cozy and casual environment on a small server appeals to anyone. General discussion of horror fiction, movies etc welcome as well. I’m just hoping to get a variety of Halloween fans in there, but getting some Ectocomp discussion specifically was my ulterior motive from the beginning, since most of the people in there aren’t familiar with the wider IF community outside their respective sites.

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The itch.io page says “The competition is over! Check for the proper results just a little there, just below.” You probably want to delete that.

The proper URL is this one:

That sounds great. Yeah, I will add the URL in the list of places to discuss the comp. And Yeah, feel free to promote the comp there!

I will join there just in case you need to tell me something.


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That’s the one I’m talking about. Check the text.

Fixed. Thanks!

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I’m in