#ECTOCOMP2019 is ready!

I’ve used it before so worked out some of its idiosyncrasies prior to this comp. It’s a nice platform that can hose a wide range of game types easily so is good for comps like this I think. Having a 5 point rating system (instead of 10 like in IFComp) does make things a bit rougher for voting. I find sometimes I’d like to rate one entry slightly higher than another but find that I need to give them the same as there’s only a 1-5 scale, but for more friendly comps like this it’s probably fine. I do wish there were spoiler tags though!

I think you can do either and it’ll work ok. (I uploaded to my account to check it was working properly, and added it to the comp, but I think you can upload directly to the comp page as well from memory?)

The split in comments is kind of annoying in one way but understandable as people sometimes seem to enter pre-existing games into multiple jams and it’d help keep the comments straight for each one I guess.

The results are in! Congrats to everybody for participate!

Also congrats to the winners and runners up.

It has been another great year for ECTOCOMP. Thanks!


La Petite Mort

The Reptile Room​​
The Witch Beyond the Woods​​
Limerick Night​
The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor​
​Be There!
Quite Queer Night Near
Day of the Dead–One Soul’s All Souls Procession
holloween spookie adventure chapter 1

Le Grand Guignol

A Journey to Omega Station
Untitled Nopperabou Game​
Additional Tales from Castle Balderstone
When He Died​
Crumbs 2: the Will of the People​
Pumpkin Pie for Your Soul​
Whole Souls
​The Village​
Once upon a winter night, the ragman came singing under your window
Wild Party​
American Maniac​


Thank you for running the competition!


The results in Spanish:

La Petite Mort

Sombras y Cipreses

Le Grand Guignol

¿Sueñan los fantasmas con ovejas zombies?
La mansión Atkins
Killing Espinete
La cama
Fiesta Salvaje
¿Está usted bien?

¡Gracias a todos los participantes!


Belated thanks for running this! I was so glad and surprised to be able to make a spinoff of my IFComp game, and the fixes I made for QQNN fed good fixes for VVFF, and vice versa. So it was a great experience for me.

That, and I got more comfortable with itch.io. It seems like a good place to try and hang around further. It’s cool to already have a few follow backs, and maybe we can also establish a (partial) community there.


Yes, thank you!!

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