EctoComp post-comp release (Quite Queer Night Near) needs tester


Basically, what the topic says. The re-release has two significant features I’ve tested using Zarf’s python scripts, but I’d like outside verification for them. So testing should be pretty localized and quick… I’ve probably missed a silly thing or two.

PM me or, if you know my email address, contact me there.

New feature details

The big one is a boundary backdrop. I wrote this up after the comp ended, so I suspect there are places I forgot to implement it that a tester will find quickly. I’ve tested things work technically, but I want to make sure it makes narratively, to someone who isn’t behind the fourth wall.

The other one is a more animated game-spoiler. In the original version, you had the same device you used in Very Vile Fairy File, which was a necessity for SpeedIF. Now, it’s a disagreeable small goblin who somewhat unwillingly gives a variety of hints. It even groans if you undo after using it to spoil a puzzle.

I have cheat commands and a walkthrough to ease this testing.