Ectocomp hints thread

I noticed that some of the Ectocomp games are a bit tricky. I thought I’d start this thread so people could ask for hints on some of the puzzles.

I’m already stuck on the Heezy Park one, but I’m sure I’ll get it… eventually.*

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Ok, now I’m stuck on “The Physiognomist’s Office.”

Is there anything to do other than go in the office, get the key, and leave through the window?

I’ll try to write some hints for Heezy Park. I won’t write the actual solution.

Look at the MegaSol display for inspiration.

You’ll need to use “bad psychological warfare.”

What could you say to make someone respond with “AHH” or “EEE”?

Something Halloween-appropriate.

I think there’s an alternate way to interpret these same hints if you’re willing to map the game. I didn’t do that myself. It just seems like it would fit. There are some other hints in the game too.

As for The Physiognomist’s Office, I think that’s the only thing to do. It’s the only ending I managed to reach, anyway.

In the Oldest Hangover in the World:

I’ve gotten all my ‘organs’ back except the heart. I can’t put the laptop in or pick up the cat. What can I use?

Violence is the answer to this one.

The heart in question ‘beats’ very rapidly.

The laptop has what you need.

Thanks for starting the thread!

I am stuck on The Ghost Ship.

I can’t find a way to not get killed by the zombies in the room you access from the galley.
The only items I have are the knife and whale oil. I know I can light the lantern with the oil (though it always shows as extinguished in the room desc) but that does not seem to help in any way.

Hints for Ghost Ship:

You need to take the lantern down.

Due to weird coding, it may seem like you can reach it, but you actually need a tool.

Something in the room with the lantern.

Something acquired through violence.

Break the bed.

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In The Physiognomist’s Office,

I can find the key by typing ‘get all’, but is there another way to find it? I think I’ve searched, examined and looked under everything in the room description, to no avail.


I think you look under the bench and see a pipe.