Ectocomp beta test swap thread

OK, here’s the promised thread for a beta test swap for Ectocomp. When your game is ready, post about it here and I guess we can PM each other with the deets.

Anybody who’s sick of playing games in that other passé comp can also offer to help, y’know. And in Ectocomp, you can rate games that you tested (at least this was true last year).

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Please add me to the list. I am feverishly (non COVID) working on my game. So many rabbit holes I had to add a rabbit…


I don’t know whether I’ll finish my game in time but either way I’d be happy to help beta test a few games.


I’m always down for a very-last-minute beta test if you get something in sorta kinda working order.


I could use another pair of eyes on mine if anyone has some time in the next couple of days. It’s, um, long-- like maybe 3-4 hours long-- and I certainly don’t expect anyone to test the whole thing unless they really want to. But I have a handy command that moves you to the middle of the game, so if anyone wants the experience of getting a synopsis of the first couple of chapters and testing only the second half, I can make that happen easily.

It’s set in Italy in 1560 and it’s based on both a historical figure/event and a poem (which I shall not reveal ahead of time, but it’s a well-known poem). It’s got all the content warnings: violence, death, mild sexual situations (nothing too steamy), mild profanity, and mentions of rape and domestic abuse.

There’s a hint system, a walkthrough, and a map, so that’s all available. The puzzles are fairly light, but I certainly wouldn’t object to someone just zipping through it using hints/walkthroughs while bug hunting. The PC changes multiple times over the course of the game, and it’s been a PITA making sure that all the right things fire for the right PC.


I have finished my first game! A major milestone for me. I am nervous as a cat.

It is a light hearted, G rated Halloween game for entry into EctoComp. (I am a retired school teacher. My audience is public school students and especially my grandchildren.) It has taken me about six weeks to write. Much of the time was spent figuring out the arcane I7 language. I was able to accomplish most things that I wanted to do. The things that I was unable to figure out, I figured out an alternative or left it out. I would guess it takes about an hour to complete

If a couple of individuals would be so kind to beta test the game, it would be most appreciated. I can PM a link or send a gblorb via email.

Thank you!


Now that I am not totally involved writing my EctoComp game, I would be glad to take a look at your game. I do have to admit that I am not the best tester. :wink:


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Messaged you. You can PM a gblorb!

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Very nice. Thank you!

Mine probably still has stuff that needs to be implemented. But I would be willing to swap stuff.

And wow, is there only a week left?


Oh man, y’all are making me super excited for EctoComp this year, though I typically have a hard time getting to it among the scrum of the main Comp. But I think I’m a bit ahead of pace right now, so if anyone needs a tester send me a PM and I should be able to help out!


And mine is theoretically ready for testing! I’m sending it off to you four (Amanda, fos1, Andrew, and Mike) now, and if anyone else is willing to test, just let me know.

I’m planning to include some sort of invisiclues on the forum when I actually release it (because I certainly don’t have time to implement hints in the game itself), so if you get stuck on something, feel free to poke me for a hint.

Transcripts are always appreciated, too!


Well done everyone for getting to testable stage! I’m still buried in mine but hoping to be ready to swap last-minute testing by the weekend :grimacing:


I’m not doing a big game so it wouldn’t be a swap but if somebody needs a tester I think I’ve got some time; DMs are open if you need an extra pair of eyes.

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I think mine is pretty much done now (once I finish the cover art), so if anyone else wants their game tested, do hit me up! Either here or in DMs works. If you’ve DM’d me about a game to test and I haven’t responded, please send it again; the forum has been erroneously sending me multiple daily messages about privilege levels ever since we switched to Discourse and it means actual messages occasionally get lost in the shuffle.


I think mine is ready for a few more pairs of eyes on it.
If anybody has some spare time, please send me a message. :slight_smile: