[ECTOCOMP 2023] Voting period extended, till end of november

We have extended the voting period till November 30, included, so the end of the competition doesn’t coincide with the end of IFComp. So, in that way, we don’t get in the middle of the most important IF celebration of the year.
So, that is, there’s still a little time to play, vote, and provide feedback to IF Comp games, and also plenty of time to enjoy ECTOCOMP, just… that, don’t forget to leave feedback to the authors!
Also, you can take that extra time to enjoy the games in other languages! Thanks!


Yes. I was reminded that EctoComp has French (and apparently Spanish) entries too when I saw Mathbrush’ review of Meurtre dans la Station Spatiale. I’m going to check out the French Ectos a bit later. (I’m neck-deep into Hand Me Down at the moment.)


Thanks for this extension! I wanted to review more games but have been so busy I haven’t had time.

There are still a fair number of games with fewer than 10 reviews–it would be great to see more commentary, too. (I’ve been really impressed with the kind of reviews here for IFComp!)


Lil head’s up: that link is only available if you are connected to an Itch account and only shows what you didn’t vote.

Here’s a screenshot of the current state of the English entries:

If you* can, consider visiting the French and Spanish pages to cast votes as well :wink:
*general you


Exactly. That was the plan. To give IFComp proper space, this extension was planed for that.

This year is been amazing. I think IFComp stats would prove that the games have great traction, and with 15 more days, ECTOCOMP could show good numbers for votes and comments (although humble in comparison).

Anyway, the voting period for jams are usually an excuse to keep audience involved, but ECTOCOMP is a competition, and although light spirited, a comp nonetheleses. Just keep in mind that the really important thing here is to share your thoughs with the authors. The feedback mana.

In this link you can see the games that are in need of votes and coments.

Also, our community has so many venues to share the love with the works, that don’t hesitare to point authors to your feedback (or blantantly spam the comment at IFDB, here, there, your blog, social networks, etc). Visibility is what matters! And if you do so, don’t forget to use the hashtag ectocomp2023



It’s the same link as shared by Stewart. What’s on the page is account specific (you need to be connected and takes into account your votes).
I screenshoted with a friend’s account (who didn’t yet).

:joy: Maybe I should have waited a bit before dumping all of mines

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That bit about pointing authors to feedback is very helpful. Please do.

I have no idea (except for my Ichio page, IFDB and here) if anyone has played my game. I know it has 8 ratings, but that’s an opaque statistic to me.

I cherish feedback and suggestions, and unless I know about posts or reviews, I can’t really gauge reaction.



@Ruber_Eaglenest Maybe you need a Review Sheet (like the IFComp/SpringThing) for next year :stuck_out_tongue:


Not too late to make one now. Still like 2 weeks left.


YUP, it is useful, If you paste it in a incognito tab of the browser, you can browse :slight_smile: all stats.


YUP, also this. But yes, next year.

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If you open the link in a private window, it’ll show you all the games (not just the ones you haven’t voted for yet :slight_smile: )


Weird… doesn’t seem to work for me :confused:
Oh well :woman_shrugging:

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I’ve written a few reviews over at IFDB; hopefully will get to more before the end of the month!


The following games currently have no reviews in Itch, if anyone has time this weekend!

Some of them may have comments elsewhere, but I’m not sure all authors look off-site for reviews–so comments you can add directly to itch.io are always appreciated!


Not full reviews, but some of these do have comments but they’re on the game’s main page rather than the ectocomp one so they don’t register as being commented on for the voting sheet :slight_smile:

I’d like to try and read a few more before voting ends. Unfortunately got slammed this week with work.