[ECTOCOMP 2023] Very last hours to vote!

There are just a little more than 2 days until the end of ECTOCOMP 2023.

So please, would you kindly join us in this terrific celebration and help get more votes?

This year the distance between the most voted and the least voted is quite high, 19 to 7. It would be nice if with the help of everyone we could raise the vote count of those games in more need.

Remember, you can follow this link, and it will tell you what games are in more need of votes and feedback:

Probably this kind of disparity will be solved completely by itself for the next year… I don’t know how :wink: :wink:

But in the meantime, there’s still time to enjoy some sinister works because mostly they are short games.



Last 8 hours to cast the votes!

The jam page will show the ranking automatically, but the categories tabulation wil be done by hand. So, please, be patient with the official results. I will post them eventually along the day.

I’m thrilled!