ECTOCOMP 2023: The games are available!

The harvest is here! The games of ECTOCOMP2023 are available.

This year we have 37 games in English.

11 games in Spanish:

And 4 entries in the French section.

Enjoy the this horror pieces for #halloween #DiaDeMuertos and #NochedeDefuntos :headstone:

Play, vote, but most importantly, leave feedback. :ear::hocho:

Don’t let anger and sloth take you to the Styx!


This year, I’m quite happy with the result about games translated to other languages. For example, some French pieces from last year that has been localised to English. Or even some Spamish authors that have done bilingual releases.

This was by design of the rules, and I’m very happy that it’s giving results. :slight_smile:


Also… As every year, the voting ending day is open to changes if needed, and to be out of the voting space of IFcomp. But this is something we must study when the excitement fade a little. So, stay tuned, and enjoy the season!


I see some familiar names from IFComp 2023 and past years’ also participating in this one:

  • Andrew Schultz
  • Stewart Baker
  • Olaf Nowacki
  • Manon
  • Autumn Chen
  • Charm Cochran
  • Tabitha O’Connell
  • Amanda Walker
  • Kastel
  • Jacic

All the best!



  • Daniel Stelzer
  • Dee Cooke
  • Mery (in the Spanish comp)
  • paravaariar (in the Spanish comp)

I’m looking at the French games first, and I noticed there are two versions of Meurtre dans la Station Spatiale, on in La Petite Morte and another in Grand Guignol. Do you want us to treat them like two separate games? I assume one was worked on for 4 hours and the other is the slightly extended version (although both have some broken links on the first page when I click on itch).


We’re on it.


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This year’s batch of games were really fun to play!
Thanks to everyone who entered :partying_face: It was a blast~


No reviews yet, but we certainly had plenty of solid and entertaining entries for Ectocomp, this is what you get when you throw 36 authors in a room and they come up with all sorts of fun, innovative and sometimes weird ideas like:

  • A configuration program
  • A dungeon creator
  • An escape church
  • A philosophical reflection where you are abducted by aliens
  • A not-your-typical chicken rice hawker centre stall
  • A Barcarolle in Yellow wannabe
  • A Frankenstein monster creator
  • A Wild West Ballad
  • A dementia simulator
  • A quiz about aliens
  • An alternate history about destroying the British Empire
  • A haunted poem
  • Doing the chores
  • 1001 Ways to Die in a Haunted House
  • A haunted house murder mystery
  • The sequel to Bright Brave Knight Knave
  • And many more besides!

Thanks to all participants, and I’m eager to see the results! :partying_face:


I think I could name 80% of the list :joy:

It think someone has uploaded all the ECTOCOMP games to IFDB, and those someone are @dfabulich, zape, and JTN, who has been editing and completing the entries. Thanks a lot you! And all the contributors.

You can access the information of the comp at IFDB here: