[ECTOCOMP 2023] Full results

Well… the results are in!

Check the full tabulation tables at IFDB:

And the winners are…

La Petite Mort - English

For those who want to speed-write their game in 4 hrs or less.

Winner: ConfigurationUploader, by Autumn Chen
2nd Place: Forever and Ever, by PetricakeGames-IF
3rd Place: The Dying of the Light, by Amanda Walker

Le Grand Guignol - English

For games that, for whatever reason, took longer than 4 hours to write.

Winner: InGirum_English, by BenyDanette
2nd Place: The Revenant’s Lament, by 30x30
3rd Place: Good Bones: A Haunted Housewarming, by Leon Lin

La Petite Mort - Spanish

Para aquellos que quieren escribir un juego de forma muy muy rápida, en 4 horas o menos.

Winner: El Fin de la Historia, by n-n
2nd Place: El último Baile, by Chemo Umbría
3rd Place: Red Haze / Bruma Roja, by Ruber Eaglenest

Le Grand Guignol - Spanish

Para juegos, que por cualquier motivo, han sido escritos en más de 4 horas.

Winner: El Virulé, segunda parte: Padre, by paravaariar
2nd Place: Esbozo de feto investigando crimen, by Strollersoft
3rd Place: 30 Dreams in 31 days, by Mery

La Petite Mort - French

Pour ceux qui aiment écrire vite et sans perdre de temps dans laquelle sont présentés des jeux faits en moins de 4 heures.

Winner: Meurtre dans la station spatiale - 4h, by maximejr
2nd Place: In the Blink of an Eye, by manonamora

Le Grand Guignol - French

Pour tous les autres jeux qui, pour une raison ou pour une autre, ont été fabriqués en plus de 4h.

Winner: InGirum_French, by BenyDanette

Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants. This year has been amazing.

As always, please consider duplicating your feedback, whenever they are, at IFDB. Or, remember, you can even use the option “Editorial reviews” to link from the IFDB site to your article.

Also, this year has been especially emotive thanks to Jac and all the IFTF IFComp committee for their kindness in moving IFComp by a month to make room for ECTOCOMP. Thanks a lot! This is just another sign of what an amazing community we are all in.

Additional words about the preservation of the games: The organization will start the process of downloading all the games that opted in to be uploaded to the IF Archive. This process will be done in the state of the game that is when we download it. So if you want your game to be uploaded updated fixed and improved, consider updating it now, or just you could upload it yourself to IF Archive at any future date.



Woo ConfigurationUploader!
And congratulations to everyone!


Woo! Congratulations to all!


Congratulations to winners and all participants! I really enjoyed playing all the games.


@cchennnn has enough digital trophies and accolades now, they could implement a digital trophy room! Congrats!


Congratulations to the winners for a deserved price, authors for your effort and sensitive, organizers for their support and dedication, players, voters, reviewers, testers for all the great moments shared.


Congratulations to all the winners! It was such a fun and varied bunch of entries this year, and I recommend checking some of them out if you haven’t yet. I really enjoyed participating again—thanks to the organizers and everyone who judged, entered, and/or played games!


Well done, folks! This was a great collection of horror games to be a part of.


This was a great year for games! Thanks to everybody for their excellent entries and of course to @Ruber_Eaglenest for making it possible for all of us to have so much fun.


This year’s crop of games were solid. Surprisingly, like in IFComp, the parser category had some unique and excellent ones.


Congratulations to everyone who participated in this comp! Thanks to everyone who played, tested, and rated the games! And special thanks to the organizers of ECTOCOMP 2023, @Ruber_Eaglenest and @smwhr , for putting this event together!


Some more words and reflections:

Yeah! Thanks to everybody, and thanks to @smwhr for co-hosting the competition.

Although the French section has only three entries this year, I am pleased about the contribution of them. They have cross-localized games to other languages, initiating this movement one year ago. So… I think their presence in the comp is essential. You see, this was my plan by design of the rules since the beginning, so it is awesome to see the plan into action. So now we have games in English and Spanish, games in French and Spanish, and the Grand Guignol entry, InGirum, winning in both languages French and English. This feels so much special. And the people who are capable of playing and voting in all languages, (thanks @mathbrush !) … this is very appreciated by the other languages communities.

Also, I want to beg your pardon, Ms. @manonamora for have announced that you where the winner in the French section by error :frowning: my fault! The error is properly fixed now in all instances of the list. So… Sorry! If someone finds more errors in the list of the ranking, contact me in private asap, so we can fix the list. Thanks!

Finally, I want to thank those people who have contributed to the organization and tabulation of the entries at IFDB. @JTN, @manonamora, zape, and @dfabulich, did a heavy lifting over the organizer’s shoulders without needing to ask for.

Probably I’m forgetting about someone, if so, please forgive me and consider yourself thanked!

I’ve edited the original post up there to include important information regarding the end of the competition, so please, go up and read it! Thanks, everybody!