ECTOCOMP 2022 Results are in!

This is so incredibly touching. I’m so glad (and amazed) that our game could do that. Thank you for the kind words!

It’s a long story…you know what, I think I will write up a postmortem. Stay tuned!


Yes. Too many identical messages that repeat the same complaint/criticism with no further benefit? It may be unintended, but that’s the consequence.


Kinda late (sorry!) but just wanted to congratulate all the entries this year. I need to finish reading all of them (life is pretty crazy at my end at the moment but working on it!) but really liked the variety I’ve seen so far. Once again amazed at what people can do with as little as 4 hours of writing time in the short game category. Thank you to the organisers and authors for putting together another round of games to keep the annual spookiness alive for another year :slight_smile:

Haha still working on completing my updates from a few years ago (I’m slow when not motivated by a comp deadline it seems.)