Ectocomp 2020

So, the ECTO comp, has started silently, officially, in the middle of that great event that is IFComp. But, you know the drill: if you get the itch of having something presented, or if you simply are not tired yet and want to program mooorre gameees, or just, if you adore this time of the year… ECTOCOMP IS FOR YOU!

So, IFCOMP has extended the voting period until the end of November
It means that the period will coincide with the ECTOCOMP one; precisely when I lengthened it to all of November so as not to step on the IFCOMP big shoes.

But the small fish must adapt. I am going to reduce the voting period again, to its original fashion, which was only 2 weeks. This is more in the spirit of the comp, which is around the festivities (I was never amused to extend it until the end of November in the first place). So this year, the voting period is from October 31 to 15 of November (included).

The new other change is that Itchio already admits showing the games AT THE END of the competition. So now the games can be submitted for the entire month of October, but they will all be available from the 31st. Isn’t that wonderful?

Please, read the rules carefully, and… beware of the night!


I’ve enjoyed taking part in Ectocomp the last two years and am ramping up to get started on my entry this year!

A shorter vote period sounds good to me. :slight_smile:


I too have begun earnestly working on my entry.
I now have enough experience to know that my games as finally released never measure up to my grand visions, but still enough naïveté to believe this time will be different. :smiley:

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With the extension to the IFComp judging, those two weeks aren’t quite so precious. I don’t foresee any problem getting my votes in.


So we have already passed the equator, but there’s still plenty of time to create little games of horror.

Hope all of you are doing well, and we are very close to enjoy all the games.



I drew a complete blank on something to write this year. Just thought of an idea so at least I should be able to get a few hours together to attempt to write a petite game between now and closing if it decides to work out. Excited to see everyone’s entries regardless :slight_smile:


Some friends of mine just discussed “corporate team building retreat” as a theme for next year’s Halloween party. Oh, the horror!


A reminder to everyone that there is still time to create a < 4 hour Petite Mort game.
:ghost: :vampire: :woman_zombie:
(but maybe don’t choose “corporate team building retreat” as a theme, we want scary games, but not emotional scarring that will leave players unable to sleep for days)


Yeah! Good luck everyvody. Still 2 whole days to get the games done!!! See you the 31th!


Once I upload my game, what do I need to do to submit it? It’s still in draft mode. Do I publish it? How do I associate it with ectocomp?


Yeah, you need a published game in the itchio ecosystem. Then, you just associate the game to the comp (jam).

Even you can submit your game for several ongoing jams (some people spam their games even in unrelated jams :frowning: )

Anyway… the Itchio’s page will not show the games till tomorrow.

Ok thanks. Got it to work. For others like me who found it confusing, here’s what you do.

  1. Create an account on if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to the ectocomp page.
  3. Click the Submit New Project button.
  4. Create your project. Save it in draft mode if you want to check it out first to make sure your happy with it.
  5. Switch the view mode to public. This was the step that was unclear to me.
  6. Go back to the ectocomp page in step two and click Submit New Project again.
  7. This time you’ll see the game you just published in a drop down list where you can select you ectocomp categories.
  8. Submit that form.
  9. Bask in ectocomp goodness.

Technically you didn’t have to do step 2 or 3. You can just set up a project through the UI but if you’re like me and wasn’t familiar with that web site, you probably got there through the links in this forum and went directly to the ectocomp page and clicked on the shiny red button. :grinning:


Alternatively. You can just create your project in itchio. Publish it. And then just hit the button of “Submit your project” to the jam.

That is, you can either reach the submit button, either by creating the project in that momento. Or previously creating the project, and then submiting it to the comp.

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