ECTOCOMP 2018 is up!

The above issue has been fixed :slight_smile:

I also submitted “Please Help Me” to Le Grande Guignol. It’s the game I spent 10+ hours on last month, but that was inspired by the contest. Since the rules are looser on Grande, I figured it’d be okay. Please, let me know if there’s a problem with submitting it and I’ll remove the submission. :slight_smile:

I’m still racking my brain for an Ectocomp idea. I know I can slam out something at the last minute, but I might be horrored-out after the tribute project and the other project I worked on. Maybe I need to write some happy games? :laughing:

Thus Hanon started JoyComp

Congratulations to all the entrants, and thanks once again to Ruber and Josh! I’m really looking forward to playing this year’s entries. I can’t help but feel a little proud at how my Adrift speed-IF comp has grown, even now that I’ve handed it on. Good luck everyone!

EctoComp is like legit one of the best comps. The games look awesome again this year.

You should. I remember way back when being thrilled non-Adrift entries were accepted. I hope we’re able to keep the Adrift entries for historical reasons. I’ve always meant to go back and play earlier EctoComps. Even the games that place low seem to have a spark longer you might not see in larger games. It’s great how it’s evolved, and just thinking of possible EctoComp entires has helped me with some very non-EctoComp ideas.

(Also I’m grateful I have been able to write so many non-scary games and feel comfortable doing so in the future. I generally don’t do well with themed creativity projects, but the flexibility here has been wonderful.)

Hey people. Thanks a lot, for the entries, for the kind words, for everything.

But I must talk problems… itchio is not well suited yet to this kind of comps, that’s why last year we had to use 4 jam pages to organizing it. This year we tried tentatively to put the comp in one jam page (language apart). At first the system of categories of itchio seems promising, but in the end, is giving us problems.

Probably you have already noted that you can’t vote solely to the proper category, the system doesn’t allow to pass on the voting of some categories. So, for this year, we ask you to drop the same amount of stars for both categories for each game. Don’t worry, we will make a separated list when the jam is over, to reflect the proper ranking on each category.

Anyway, the ranking is the less important part of the competition. The rank is just an excuse to motivate feedback and discussion of the works. We have experimental proof that ranked jams receive more feedback than non ranked jams (simply, the jam ends and everyone just forgets about the games). Also, I believe there are far more positive things hosting the competition at itchio than out of it (itchio provides a neat and welcoming space to host the games, it opens our little competitions to the indie space, and no less important, it gives a good platform to host the jam for free), so that’s it. Overall it is a very positive experience.

What I must do is to write THAT email at last to itchio staff, to send the suggestion to make complex competitions viable at itchio. But right now, as is, the category system just doesn’t work, for example, you can’t host a comp having separated categories for twines, parser-based games or Visual Novels, etc, because you just can’t leave a category unvotes. Or think about a graphics or multimedia category, what can you have done with text only games? give them a 1-star vote in that category? It doesn’t sound good.

Recapitulating, please, drop the same amount of stars while voting in both categories, we’ll make separated lists later :wink:


Reminds me, I somehow completely missed Ectocomp 2017. I should download those games as well, if I can.

Hey Teen Gang, I’m officially withdrawing my entry from Ectocomp 2018. The bug reports I’ve been getting are too numerous and embarrassing for me to keep it in the comp in good conscious. It’s still available to play, I just figured it’s not as comp-ready as I thought it was. My beta-testers are awesome at what they do, so it’s totally my lack of giving them sufficient time to find all the bugs.
Anyway, best of luck to the other entries!

Ok, now all the information of the ectocomp is up at IFDB THANKS a lot to the volunteers!

Remember, there’s still half a month to play, comment and vote the entries.

Hi people,

Just 4 days to go. ECTOCOMP is finishing at last!

Please, gather your votes and thoughts and participate as a jury. There’s a very handy link that provides stats for the games in need of your vote.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you want to spread the word, please, you can use this twit: … 1732102150


Being able to see how many ratings each game has is nice. It’s definitely going to help me to judge, since it looks like I have more ratings than last year, whatever the scores may actually be.

I don’t know if I feel up to judging other games in the Petite Mort–there’s always a worry I might sandbag the ratings a bit–but I want to make sure I get to the Guignol.

It’s also useful and entertaining to see all the comments and even get a few.