ECTOCOMP 2017: The results


ECTOCOMP is over. It has been an exciting and spooky month. I’m quite happy to have helped Josh to organize this, and I want to thank personally everyone involved, participants, judges, and commenters. Thank you very much! I’m very glad and thankful for the results.

Ok, the results are in, you can check them in the Results tab at itchio. Remember, there are four categories, each with its own itchio jam page:

Le Grand Guignol (English) (games done above three hours)

La Petite Mort (English) (games done under three hours)

Le Grand Guignol (Spanish):

La Petite Mort (Spanish):

Congratulations to all the winners, and to all entries. The battle has been tight, and all the games are worth.

This evening (England hour, 5:00 pm; morning for Americans) we will be doing a little retransmission as an award ceremony in the vein of the last IF Comp, at Text Adventures social networks. Either Facebook or Twitter. Follow along!

Don’t forget to join, share, and drop some feedback and congratulations to all the entries!


PD: Josh, say something beautiful. (toss the microphone)

Thank you both for running Ectocomp! I really enjoyed taking part.

Does anyone know how calculates scores? It looks like it penalizes games with few ratings, e.g. All Vistors Welcome only had 3 ratings so its raw score of 3.33 was adjusted down to 1.782 (10th place). But I’m curious about the formula, and couldn’t find an explanation on the site.

I can’t find the formula either, but it looks pretty straightforward: the score is penalized more as the number of ratings drops below the medium. Fog Lights and Foul Deeds dropped a lot in the ranking because of this too.

Thanks to everyone who contributed for making this year’s ECTOCOMP amazing! Past years have been the source of some standout IF, which was why I wanted to help keep ECTOCOMP going when JJGuest said he needed to pass the torch. This year’s authors have proved that this tradition was 100% worth continuing, even being smack-dab in the middle of a whole lot of IFComp judging.

Thanks Ruber, for partnering with me to help keep this comp running! I knew heading in that my busyness levels would be fluctuating wildly over the last couple months, and Ruber stepped in amazingly to fill the gaps and bring his own innovations to the comp.

I’m giving the itch rating system a bit of a side-eye right now - I think the top three English LGG spots were stand-out works, and I think there were a lot of great works in the 4th-and-below whose orderings may be a bit wonky due to itch’s auto-adjusting based on median votes or some such. I hope all authors remember that ECTOCOMP has been and continues to be a fun comp and don’t take ratings too seriously. (My Petite Mort entry got 5th, but that sounds about right to me.) :slight_smile:

Have a fantastic December, and if anyone sees any of the ECTOCOMP games getting coverage elsewhere, please share!

hmmm, I dunno. Is it not a simple average?

Also, all games are worthy, maybe it is just the competition was tight. Look at the differences in the scores.

And yes, the system has worked pretty well to highlight top-notch works, so… it works? aside from preferences…

I’m a little bit more worried that games were underplayed and under-reviewed. But maybe we had hit a barrier of the capacity of IF to get exposure. I mean… I’m ok with that, it seems most authors were at the same time most judges and that is NICE!

I wonder if JJ could add more light to the topic sharing pass year statistics and impressions.

Also, could anyone update ifwiki? I have no user there: