Ectocomp 2013 - Disability Accomodation


"That’s [the term “hqandicap” is derived from "cap in hand] a false etymology; it is about money in caps … ".

That’s right. I should have said the term “handicap” is associated with begging.

“On the topic of allowed a bit of extra time for certain conditions, I would think that sort of follows into the “time starts when your hands hit the keyboard” context. The same could be said of sitting down to make an entry but having a mental block and not typing anything at all for minutes at a time, or being interrupted by a phone call.”

No, they’re not always equivalent. I’m not talking about disabilities as distractions. Disabilities themselves and/or the hardware and software needed to compensate for them when interfacing a computer can hinder the typing process, slow computer speed, and complicate access to game-creation software, revisions and debugging. All of this is out of the control of the person with the disability, and all of it occurs as one is engaged in physically writing the game. Trying to debug and revise source code with a screen reader, for example, takes longer and more patience than doing so visually.