Ebb, Flow & Journey

I can’t download either of these, either. Decompress breaks with “Unexpected End of Archive”. Tried downloading other zip files, just to make sure it wasn’t this junky box. They opened just fine. This is apparently the night of “play nothing that you want”.

That sometimes happened with me when I was downloading lots of files. Silly question, but did you try to re-download them a couple of times?

They were the only files downloading. And yessir, I deleted them and tried a few times to redownload them. No love. I’m sure I’ll find a copy at some point today. Just wasn’t my night to play IF, I guess.

I was going to upload my copies to megaupload for you, and then I realised I don’t really know what games you mean. Do you mean “The Ebb and Flow of the Tide”? And by “journey” what game do you mean?

Journey of the King. Sorry, it was a long night.