Eating action precedence when using 'it is very likely'

Oh no! Two questions in a week. Apologies!!!

But this is an annoying one. I’m using the Does the Player Mean…it is very likely construct for similar objects and it’s fine apart from an eating action.

Here’s a small bit of code:

Garden is a room. 

The apple green jumper is worn by the player.

The apple tree is in the Garden.

Does the player mean doing something with the apple tree: it is very likely.

And here’s the output :

You can see an apple tree here.

>drink apple
(the apple tree)
There's nothing suitable to drink here.

>examine apple
(the apple tree)
You see nothing special about the apple tree.

>eat apple
(the apple green jumper)
That's plainly inedible.

>push apple
(the apple tree)
Nothing obvious happens.


Is this a thing? Is there a way around it? Even when I add the line : Does the player mean eating the apple tree: it is very likely. The Jumper still takes precedence with the eating action. I can’t get any action other than eating to do this…


I think it’s because eating is defined in the standard rules as referring to ‘something preferably held’, and this beats Does The Player Mean. Push and Drink don’t favour something held.



The eating grammar line is written as

Understand "eat [something preferably held]" as eating.

This kicks in before the “does the player mean” stage. You can get around it by replacing the Understand line.


Perfect! Thank you!!

What would be the practical downsides of doing away with “preferably held” facility entirely? Could it be replaced by “does the player mean”, or is there a hidden catch there somewhere?

“Preferably held” also does an implicit take if necessary. I7 has other ways of doing implicit take; you’d have to rig up one of those.