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I7’s public library interface is showing a purple box for this extension that says “REVERT TO LIBRARY VERSION (Version 2/150510 :arrow_forward: Version 1/150510)”.

If I accept this invitation to revert to version 1, the system tells me that version 2 has been successfully installed. It seems like there’s a mismatch between the extension file hosted by the public library (v2) and the public library’s metadata (which says that it’s v1).

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m travelling this week, but I’ll be able to look into it when I get back on Friday.

Thanks for noticing - I had that in my IDE but figured it was showing because I had at some point installed a kludged version on my own system for some reason or other.

When a door is this Easy, Inform doesn’t even know it’s gone through it.


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Hmm, so now the public library tab is showing a blue box that says "UPDATE Version 2/150510 :arrow_forward: Version 3/160425 ", but, when I click on it to update, the popup box says ““Easy Doors” by Hanon Ondricek (Version 2/150510) has been installed successfully.” This is with 6M62 on Mac OS 10.6.8.

That’s strange - is anyone else having that problem? Both the metadata and the extension itself look fine from what I can see.

The new version has as the second section of the documentation an “Update Log” which wouldn’t be in version 2.

More info: The file’s timestamp shows that it was modified at the time that I performed the update, and the contents (version 2 at the top, no update log) are consistent with version 2.

Can you try deleting the extension on your computer and re-downloading? I checked the file on the inform7 server and it is the correct version with the correct permissions, and the index.html file that the IDE reads has the correct metadata.

Deleted it, redownloaded, and got version 2 again. Is there any client-side metadata that could be stale?

I knew I wasn’t imagining things! Here’s the version that includes some I6 routefinding hacks. I’m not sure why it’s different from the Public Library version…possibly a new I7 version came out and broke all the I6 inclusions or something like that?

Easy Doors.i7x (33.6 KB)

(Also, I think this is the oldest thread I’ve ever necromanced. Ah well.)

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