Easter Eggs in Worldsmith

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here, and recently wrote my first review on IFDB about worldsmith. I’m interested in whether anyone else has found more easter eggs. I’ve found a few, but I wondered whether there were any more:

Here are the one’s I’ve found:

[spoiler]- Trying to move in the dark. This was so funny and unexpected that it made me laugh out loud. It probably does take you out of the World a little bit, but it was worth it.

  • Visiting the extraction gantries after Taric Brill has disappeared.
  • Teaching Theology to a Lifeform. Examine your Lifeform before and afterwards.
  • Some of the card descriptions in the Game of Worlds. Particularly Strength of Ten and Peace.
  • I mentioned it in my review : examining the sculptures in Septem Green.
  • The options for your pet biomech
  • Trying to do anything to Sallus Bor![/spoiler]

I think I have the IF bug again now and I’m looking forward to playing and reviewing more games.


Oh. wow. thanks for the welcome and discussion! it’s nice to feel wanted!

Sally, belated welcome to the forum. Sorry that no one has responded to this post–in my case it’s just because I haven’t had the chance to play the game yet! I appreciate the post and review, in any case.