E-sims for Gaza donation commissions

Hey yall, I have been part of this comics cooperative for a bit and they’ve been doing a donation drive to donate e-sims* to people on the ground in gaza during the internet disruptions and blackouts. do not buy an e-sim on your own as there are specific instructions for you to follow – find more info at the cartoonist cooperative’s website

if you would like a drawing from me, after you’ve bought the e-sim, scroll down to the bottom of the co-op database and select me as an artist! the drawing complexity is commensurate with the amount you donate :slight_smile: my portfolio is https://asterfialla.com/ – I look forward to drawing for you!

*e-sims are what go in your phone to connect to phone networks :smile:


Oh, Michi is one of the Comeows and also a part of that comics cooperative. Surprisingly small world!