Dynamic Tables/Objects fail to compile

I downloaded the latest version of Inform 7, the version version I’ve used with the updated spec, yesterday, and I’ve already encounter a problem with the Dynamic Tables and Dynamic Objects extensions.

Including either extension crashes my project with the error message:

The section of the code referred to in the error message is the very last part of the code:

[code][And here we replace PrintTableName to show something sensible for fully dynamic tables.]

Include (-
[ PrintTableName T;
switch(T) {
if (DT_IsFullyDynamic(T))
print “** Dynamically created table ";
print "
No such table **”;
-) instead of “Print Table Name” in “Tables.i6t”.[/code]
The code in question is the same for both extensions, and the error occurs even if the only line in my story is the inclusion.

Is this just a problem with the new Inform 7, or is there something I can do to make it work?

I can take a look. Can you confirm which versions of Inform 7 and both extensions you’re using?

I’m not sure about Watercleave, but I’m having the same problem with Inform 7 6L38, v5/140515 of Dynamic Tables, and v8/140515 of Dynamic Objects.