Dynamic alias?

Is it possible to add or remove an alias dynamically? I have an object with a changing description depending on its state (using a dynamic string; a workaround to avoid some disambiguation issues that I was experiencing when I had it set up as different objects). I’d like a particular alias to be recognised when the object has a certain description. Just being able to add the alias at that point would avoid considerable faffing around!

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Good question. I don’t believe so. What you need is something like the parse_noun property in Inform 6.

I tried doing this with the undocumented set_adjective1, set_adjective2, set_noun1, set_noun2 and set_subject1, but couldn’t get it to work reliably in all circumstances, particularly the system get and drop after it had been changed. This is one for @adventuron to answer.

If it was me, I would stick with your original approach and work around the scoping issues.

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Thanks - I’ll faff then. I seem to remember this was something I could do during my brief affair with Quest. But if I can’t do it here then I might just live with it being incorrectly aliased from the start and try not to care too much.